Epilepsy a brain disorder and its possible treatments

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Epilepsy is a condition that is caused due to rush of electrical signals running in the brains. This condition may cause recurring episode of seizures. The symptoms of seizures experienced due to this condition may vary. During an attack of seizure some people may blankly stare at a point for few seconds while other may suffer from extreme convulsions. It is recorded that at least 2 in 100 individual may suffer from unprovoked seizure once in their lifetime. However, if you suffer from a solitary seizure it does not mean you are suffering from epilepsy. In order for a condition to be qualified for diagnosis of epilepsy there should be at least two unprovoked seizures.  It is essential to get yourself treated even if you suffer from mildest form of seizure as seizure attacks can prove to be highly dangerous when you are riding, driving, or performing other risky tasks.

Treatment for Epilepsy:

There are several treatments available for treating Epilepsy. Generally treatment of the condition starts with medication. If the condition does not alleviate with medication, the sufferer may have to undergo intense treatments such as surgery or treatment. 


Most people suffering from epilepsy may get rid of seizure using just one ant-epileptic medication. There are other medicines that may help in decreasing the frequency as well as severity of the attack. It is recoded that over 50% of children who controlled epilepsy using medication can eventually cease the use of medicine and live care free. Adults may also be allowed to discontinue medicine of seizures after two to three years. It may be complex to find the right suitable medicine and dosage.  You doctor may start with a single drug or low dosage and may gradually increase your dosage until the condition is well controlled.  There may be some side effects experienced due to medicine intake which may include.

  • Fatigue and tiredness
  • Dizziness
  • Increase in weight
  • Bone density loss
  • Rashes on skin
  • Coordination loss
  • Problem with speech

There are some rare but severe side effects of the medicine which may include

  • Depression
  • Suicidal tendency and behavior
  • Severe rashes
  • Inflammation of organs like liver or pancreas


Surgery are usually suggested in the cases when it is determined through diagnosis that seizures originate in a small well defined brain region which is not linked with any of the vital function of the body such as seeing, hearing, speaking coordination etc. The surgery usually involves removal of the affected brain region if find suitable. In case if the condition originates from a brain region which cannot be removed, then your doctor suggest a different surgery. In this kind of surgery, surgeons create series of cuts in the brain which prevents seizures from metastasizing to other brain regions. 

Apart from surgery and medications there are other therapy such as Vagus nerve stimulation, Ketogenic diet etc., which may help in controlling epilepsy and its complications. If you think that you or your child is suffering from epilepsy, then meet a doctor immediately.


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Epilepsy a brain disorder and its possible treatments

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Epilepsy a brain disorder and its possible treatments

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