MMA Strength and Conditioning Exercises - Train Or Exercise?

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MMA strength and conditioning exercises are not emphasized as much or as clear as they could be today. Many mixed martial artists today train to perfect their combat skills but struggle to obtain the proper balance between training skills & proper conditioning routines. Keep in mind its the proper conditioning that enables ultimate skill perfection!

MMA Training is the focus of fight technique development itself. This could range from anything to do with punches, kicks, arm bars or take downs etc...

MMA Conditioning refers to the supportive exercise work that reinforces those movements and perfects maximum utilization or demonstration. This includes bodies strength, speed, flexibility, coordination and cardiovascular endurance.

Most students have had no prblem embracing the fundamental styles of Mixed Martial Arts today. These would most commonly fall in one of the particular categories below...

Popular Striking Styles: Boxing, Kick boxing, Muay Thai Boxing, & Karate

Popular Grappling Styles: Wrestling, Brazilian Jiu jitsu, Sambo, Judo & Submission Fighting

While students feel comfortable with the basic breakdown of these disciplinary categories most are not near as familiar with the core concepts and fundamentals of MMA conditioning.

If I asked a mid-level MMA student to perform a single leg take down defense, turn it into a kimura lock, flip the opponent over and transition into an armbar, I would probably get a pretty accurate translation.

On the other hand, if I asked that same student what specific exercises he's doing to avoid takedowns or further more what exercises his opponent should be doing to strengthen preventively against that strenuous kimura lock he will administer, I might not receive such an enthusiastic response. I will most likely get several reluctant guesses however.

The fight demonstrations today indicate that proper supplemental training is more important then ever. Even superior technique does not dominate the same way that it use to unless that technique is properly backed up by adequate conditioning achievement.

The body is a complex science that requires special balance for conditioning and athletic reinforcement.

If you understand the dynamics of armbars, chokes, takedowns, sprawls, kimuras, knee bars & neck cranks, you should also understand the dynamics of stabilizer strength, core strength injury preventive movements, leg explosion work, punching power reinforcement etc.. You'll have immediate payoffs when doing this properly! You'll notice a strong increase in explosive punching power & much more efficient cardio! Equally important you'll receive the long term benefits of a properly reinforced body for a highly demanding, yet extremely exciting sport!

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MMA Strength and Conditioning Exercises - Train Or Exercise?

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This article was published on 2010/03/30